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Carly Page

Nobody likes change, but here at the INQUIRER it’s time for something new.

Following months of hard work from our editorial and development teams, we’re excited to finally bring you the new look INQUIRER website.

We’ve redesigned the INQUIRER from the ground up to bring you a new, responsive site that delivers you the same great content and simple clean look on whichever device you prefer, be it desktop, tablet or mobile. We’ve built on extensive research into how we can best serve you, our loyal audience of 15 years. While it’s a big change, we hope you’ll agree that it’s a huge improvement on the ageing INQUIRER website of old, and we’re confident that you’ll thoroughly enjoy using this faster, cleaner platform that we’ve built in order to better showcase our content with fewer distractions.

Of course, this content won’t be changing. The INQUIRER remains the best place on the web to find the latest news affecting the UK’s technology leaders and we’ll continue to provide in-depth research, analysis and onion on the biggest topics in tech, all written in our typically irreverent tone. Our comments section won’t be going anywhere either, so we hope the new site will continue to generate plenty of feedback and discussion from our audience.

I hope you enjoy using the new site, and we welcome your feedback. We look forward to introducing further enhancements over the coming months, so stay tuned!

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Carly Page
Commissioning Editor

Access our content on all devices

From your phone to your tablet to your laptop, our new design fits all of your devices. The site loads in a matter of seconds and offers an effortless experience.

Searchable 15 year archive

the INQUIRER provides you with the latest gadget and product reviews, breaking news and analysis; stay up to date comparing them to former reviews and articles in our 15 year archive.

Change the way you use the site

Whether you are on your smartphone, on the tube or using your tablet abroad, you can share our latest articles and reviews using the email and social media widgets on the left side of the articles.

To ensure you get maximum value from our content, we have including new sharing buttons for Reddit and StumbleUpon.

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Carly Page

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